Talbot Preservation Alliance Supports Smart Growth

While some of our critics describe TPA as a “no growth” advocacy group, this characterization is inaccurate. TPA does not oppose growth that is within the parameters described in our local comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances. We believe in strongly supporting the legally required local plans that the public has helped craft.
To illustrate TPA’s willingness to support legitimate projects we offer the following examples:
  • TPA in collaboration with a local citizen’s committee, has taken the lead in supporting the construction of a new hospital and related uses on county lands just north of Easton. Due to the tremendous economic benefits of our hospital, TPA has supported amendments to our local comprehensive plans to accommodate this important project.
  • TPA supported the construction of the Lowes store at its new location within the town utilizing public water and sewer, rather than in a cornfield well outside of town.
  • TPA supported the Easton Village residential development once we were assured that several features were added in accordance with the precepts of our comprehensive plans. Due to TPA’s efforts this project has better storm water management, a 300 foot setback from the waters edge, a waterfront park, smaller pier, and 138 less houses than originally proposed, which would have overburdened nearby intersections.
  • TPA supported the Waterside Village (this land had been annexed and zoned commercial 17 years ago) shopping center once we were assured that several features were added in accordance with our comprehensive plans. TPA secured an agreement with the developer preserving 55 acres of land which will be part of Easton’s “greenbelt”.
  • TPA supports quality infill projects within Easton’s town limits such as the redevelopment of the town’s retail core and residential development where appropriate.

Protecting what you love about Talbot County

The Talbot Preservation Alliance was founded in 1999 by Talbot County citizens with the common goal of preserving the unique and fragile environment of our county. We work to accomplish this objective through education, advocacy and, occasionally, through litigation.

We firmly support the principles of Smart Growth. We work in partnership with other community organizations, inside and outside our county, to encourage adherence to those principles by monitoring the enforcement of ordinances that support managed growth. Because land-use decisions are controlled by elected and appointed officials at the local level, we help to elect and support public officials who endorse smart growth principles.

As a Maryland non-profit organization, our work is accomplished through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers. Our non-partisan volunteers share our love for the fields, woods, waterways and small-towns that characterize our rural community.

To read more about Talbot Preservation Alliance, visit our website www.talbotpreservation.org